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Making Family Meetings Part of Your Caregiving Efforts

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult is not a solitary journey. Even if you are the only member of the family who handles care tasks for your senior, the rest of your family is automatically involved simply by merit of you being involved. They must deal with the time you are away from them, take on tasks you may have handled before, offer support, and more. This means it is important to stay connected with them and make them an active part of your caregiving efforts so you can preserve your relationships, make sure everything gets done, and streamline life for everyone.

Caregiver Berkeley Heights NJ - Making Family Meetings Part of Your Caregiving Efforts

Caregiver Berkeley Heights NJ – Making Family Meetings Part of Your Caregiving Efforts

One effective way to do this is with regular family meetings. Coming together with members of your family lets you all discuss what needs to be done, express emotions, and come up with solutions. This helps to reduce conflict, boost emotional health, and make all efforts more effective and meaningful.

Some ways you can make family meetings part of your caregiving efforts include:

  • Make them at the same time each week so they are anticipated and not overlooked. Do not allow anything else to be booked at or near this time so everyone is present and not rushed.
  • Be clear and upfront when discussing responsibilities. Make sure each person knows exactly what is expected of them and why. If you must change the tasks that someone takes on, explain to them why this change was made and express appreciation for everyone doing their part.
  • Take the time to fill your family in on what you are doing for your aging parent. If they are not actively involved in the senior’s life or there are major issues at play such as a chronic disease, this is the perfect time to fill them in on your parent’s condition as well as what you’ve been doing for them.
  • Make sure there is time to talk and share. This is an opportunity to express emotions, ask questions, and connect with your family. Be willing to reach out for support and ask for comfort, and be there for your partner and children if they are in need of some special reassurance from you. This meeting should be a touchpoint for all of you and a time to regain focus and stability as a family.

If you are feeling stressed, stretched, or overwhelmed by your caregiver efforts, now may be the right time to consider home care. These feelings are completely normal and understandable, especially if you are balancing being a family caregiver with raising your children and managing a career, or you live at a distance from your senior.

Bringing a caregiver services provider into your care routine means being able to rely on them to handle care tasks for your parent in a dignified, respectful, and effective way that helps your parent stay safe, healthy, and comfortable. This care reduces stress and allows you to focus your energy and attention on all aspects of your life in the most meaningful and efficient ways.

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