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Our aides may have certain expectations of Generations, and Generations likewise has certain expectations of its employees. These mutual expectations include the following:

  Generations’ Expectations of Our CHHAs
In addition to providing excellent care to our client, Generations expects…

  • That you will be reliable and consistent
  • That your client’s well-being and safety will be your single most important focus in everything you do
  • That you will always conduct yourself with integrity, professionalism and compassion
  • That you understand and comply with Generations’ policies, procedures and practices
  • That you will always exhibit the provided Generations photo ID badge, and maintain that badge under the CHHA’s personal and exclusive control
  • That you will respect the privacy of clients and their families and the confidentiality of all materials and information related to the conduct of Generations’ business
  • That you will carefully and closely follow the Plan of Care and the instructions provided by our Director of Nursing/Case Manager and immediately report to the Director of Nursing/Case Manager  when unable to do so
  • That you will maintain an accurate daily report of care
  • That you will participate in in-service training to enhance your abilities and skills on an ongoing basis
  • That you will never attempt an activity, service, procedure, equipment operation or other element of care without being certain you understand how and when it is to be handled

  A CHHA’s Expectations of Generations
Every CHHA employed by Generations may have a reasonable expectation…

  • That you will be treated with respect and dignity
  • That you will be recognized and rewarded for your exceptional performance
  • That every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate your personal needs as regards scheduling and other conditions of your employment
  • That you are entitled to raise any questions or concerns about your client’s behavior, health or mental state and to have those questions and concerns taken seriously
  • That Generations’ management will behave in a professional, courteous and ethical manner in all its actions and decisions
  • That you will be supported in your efforts to continually advance yourself professionally and personally
  • The CHHA will receive regular input as to her/his performance, and support in correcting any deficiencies