Things to Know About Companion Care


Have you looked into the many benefits of companion care at home services? It’s a great way for your mom to engage with others every day, keep her home clean, and enjoy regular healthy meals. Here are the most important things to know about companion care at home services.

Your Mom Isn’t Alone All Day, Every Day

Companion Care at Home New Providence NJ - Things to Know About Companion Care

Companion Care at Home New Providence NJ – Things to Know About Companion Care

You live in another state, so you only can visit your mom every few months. She’s often alone for days on end. With companion care at home, you can arrange to have your mom supported by a caregiver as often as is needed.

Your mom doesn’t have to be alone every day or all day. She has caregivers around as much as is needed. She’s able to socialize with her caregiver and even get out of the house to meet others on her journeys to stores, daily walks, and local attractions.

Your Mom Eats Well and Gets Enough Exercise

Companion care aides can help your mom plan a weekly menu and shop for ingredients. She doesn’t have to struggle with grocery shopping anymore. Her caregiver can join her, help her choose the items she needs in terms of her dietary needs and budget, and help her carry in and put away groceries.

Your mom eats well as a result. If she’s accustomed to cooking frozen dinners due to their ease, she doesn’t have to anymore. She can have her caregivers cook meals and prepare snacks for her.

How often does your mom go outside for a walk? If she’s interested in taking a daily walk but doesn’t like going alone, a companion care aide can make a difference. She has someone to walk with every day. She won’t have to walk by herself or risk a fall if she struggles with mobility.

Your Mom Has a Companion Care at Home Aide to Play Cards With

Your mom loves playing Cribbage, but she doesn’t have anyone available to play with her. She might like playing Bridge or Gin Rummy and wishes she had others around for regular games. With companion care at home, she has a caregiver to join her for card games.

Your Mom’s Home Is Clean

With companion care at home services, your mom’s home stays clean. She has caregivers to take over the harder tasks like making a bed, changing her sheets, and doing the laundry.

Your mom’s caregiver can vacuum the carpets, do the dishes, and put everything when it’s clean and dry. With a clean, organized home, your mom is safer and less likely to fall or pick up food poisoning from dirty counters, sinks, and food preparation surfaces.

Get started by talking to our home care expert. Ask questions, get answers, and make an informed decision about your mom’s companion care at home services.

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