Joining Generations is becoming a member of our family. We want associates who are committed to their clients and their profession, who are reliable and, most of all, genuinely compassionate. We understand that being a Certified Home Health Aide isn’t just a job, it’s a calling and a vocation. It takes a special person to be a good CHHA. And those are the people we’re looking for at Generations.

The Opportunity

We will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. You will be well compensated and provided with ongoing training to keep you at the top of your game.

You will have flexibility as to when, where and how often you work, and we will do everything possible to accommodate your personal needs and wants.

As experienced nurses, we understand what you do because we have done it. We know the challenges and blessings of caring for others. We will be there to answer any questions and support you in any way we can to help you provide the highest level of care.

Each candidate will go through a thorough set of interviews and assessments. We are looking for only the very best CHHAs, and we are unequaled in our hiring criteria. When you work for Generations you are recognized as one of THE very best. And you will be rewarded for being the best.


Generations employees should provide the care necessary for each client to remain safe and comfortable. Assigned jobs are to be done in an efficient, cheerful and calm manner while showing respect for the wishes and living patterns of the elderly persons being served.

Responsibilities of the Certified Home Health Aide include, but are not limited to,…

  • Follow the care plan and work with the client or client’s family on how best to carry out needed tasks and functions.
  • Toileting assistance, as needed, including use of bedpan, commode, or urinal and incontinent care.
  • Report to the office, as required, and maintain all records.
  • Begin and end each shift by using the Generations telephone reporting system.
  • Organize tasks so that they are done efficiently.
  • Involve the client whenever possible in all activities.
  • Assist the client with ambulation, with or without an ambulation device.
  • Provide emotional support to the client and other members of the household.
  • Providing mental stimulation through recreational activities, mental acuity exercises, conversation, etc.
  • Assist with bathing and personal grooming, including oral hygiene, foot care, skin care, shampooing, etc. with respect for privacy and dignity of the client.
  • Grocery shopping (as necessary, and for the client’s/spouse's meals only, not other family members or other caregivers)*.
  • Perform necessary errands related to the client’s health, such as doctor’s appointments and pharmacy pick-ups*.
  • Prepare nutritional meals and encourage proper nutritional habits.
  • Encourage exercise, and go with client on walks or to appointments.
  • Encourage the client’s independence in carrying out all tasks.
  • Report to the office important changes observed in the individual or problems on the job. For example, report: a physical sign or symptom of change; improved appetite or decreased appetite; and shortages of goods or necessary equipment for the comfort or care of the client.
  • Provide medication reminders
  • Perform light housekeeping duties
  • Compliance with Generations’ safety and infection control procedures, as well as all other Generations policies, including no-smoking and drug policies.
  • Use Generations’ telephone system to report-in/out, log services.

*Aides may only do errands for a client with prior authorization by Generations management

General Qualifications

You will function under the supervision of a Registered Professional Nurse, and will provide personal care services in the client’s home or other facility. To qualify with Generations you must:


  • Have at least one years’ experience as a CHHA (with current certification in New Jersey)
  • Provide not less than 3 professional or business references who will attest to your character, work ethic, reliability, and other characteristics necessary to be an effective Generations CHHA
  • Be able to clearly communicate in English, as the job requires to ensure you can effectively communicate and interact with clients
  • Have consistently professional appearance and behavior
  • Must be able to satisfactorily pass a thorough background check, including reference verifications and criminal checks


  • Be absolutely reliable
  • Have genuine compassion and care for clients
  • Be unquestionably honest; clients must be confident inviting you into their homes and lives
  • Have the flexibility to respond to scheduling changes and clients’ shifting needs
  • Have the intellectual and emotional maturity to handle unanticipated situations and to develop solid relationships with clients
  • Be tolerant and accepting of differences
  • Have an exceptional work ethic
  • Must be able to work well with others and accept supervision

  Other Requirements

  • Must have your own reliable transportation with proper auto insurance and a good driving record with no recent at-fault accidents or moving violations
  • Must be capable of transferring, lifting, and turning clients
  • Must be able to carry objects weighing up to 15 pounds
  • Must be able to safely maneuver up and down stairs
  • Must have hearing and visual abilities adequate to effectively communicate
  • Must be in good health and free of any communicable conditions

Areas Available

Morris, Somerset, Union, Middlesex and Hunterdon Counties


Highly competitive base salary, liberal bonus opportunities, including CHHA referral bonus, and excellent training opportunities.
The Generations CHHA belongs to a very special class-- the best, most competent and caring CHHAs in the industry. You will go through a thorough interviewing process and background screening. And when you become a Generations CHHA you will be rewarded and recognized.

The Generations’ CHHA provides care necessary for each elderly/disabled client to remain safe and comfortable. Assigned jobs are to be done in an efficient, cheerful and calm manner while showing respect for the wishes and living patterns of the elderly persons being served.

A CHHA should have reliable transportation. While access to public transportation is acceptable, it may limit assignments. Where the CHHA has a motor vehicle it must be covered by adequate auto insurance, with a valid driver’s license, or it may not be used for Generations assignments.