Tips for Keeping Seniors Cool in the Summer Heat


The weather is heating up and with the rise in temperatures comes an increase in the chances of your older family member suffering from a heat-related illness, like heat stroke or dehydration. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that as many as 36 percent of deaths caused by heat happen in people who are aged 65 or older.

There are many ways your older family member can stay cool in the summer heat, like these ideas below.

Elderly Care Union County NJ - Tips for Keeping Seniors Cool in the Summer Heat

Elderly Care Union County NJ – Tips for Keeping Seniors Cool in the Summer Heat

Stay Out of Direct Sunlight

When the older adult is outside on a warm day, it’s best for them to seek out a shady place to sit. If you are throwing an outdoor event, be sure to find a place where your aging relative can sit in the shade. Alternatively, consider bringing a beach umbrella or a tent to protect them from the sun. You should also try to plan outdoor activities for early in the day or in the evening when the sun is lower in the sky.

Offer Cool Snacks

Eating a cold snack can help an older adult to feel cooler. Some suggestions are:

  • Popsicles.
  • Refrigerated or frozen grapes.
  • Cold watermelon.
  • Air Conditioning

If your older family member does not have central air conditioning, consider getting a window unit or portable unit for them. Even having one room in the house that is cool can help to prevent heat related illness on particularly hot days. Seniors should also know where cooling shelters in their neighborhood are so they can go to them when the house is too hot. Public libraries are common cooling shelters, but there are often other places as well.

Cool Washcloth

A cool, wet cloth applied to the back of the neck can help to bring body temperature down. Keep a basin of cool water nearby, so that the older adult can refresh the cloth as needed.

Cool Bath or Shower

A cool bath or shower can be refreshing and help the senior to feel cooler. Just make certain the water isn’t too cold.

Elderly care providers can be an important part of keeping your older family member from getting ill from the heat. An elderly care provider can be the person who checks on the senior on very hot days to ensure they are doing well and staying cool. Elderly care providers can also prepare cool snacks for the older adult and set them up with a cool cloth and basin of water.


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