Home Care: Tips for Helping Your Mom Prepare for Surgery


A 2020 study released in JAMA estimates that more than 2.4 million surgeries were performed in the U.S. Common surgeries included hip, knee, and femur repairs or replacements. Your mom’s going in for surgery. How can you and her home care providers help her prepare for the return home?

Talk to the Surgeon

Home Care Union County NJ - Home Care: Tips for Helping Your Mom Prepare for Surgery

Home Care Union County NJ – Home Care: Tips for Helping Your Mom Prepare for Surgery

Start by asking the surgeon what steps are taken during the surgery. If she is under general anesthesia, her recovery may differ from someone whose surgery involves local anesthesia.

Once your mom is sedated using IV medications, a breathing tube may be inserted with general anesthesia. For a few days after the surgery, her throat may feel sore and scratchy. She’ll want plenty of cold beverages to help soothe it.

Get the House Arranged for Her Return

Whether she’s undergoing outpatient surgery or will be staying over for a night or two, your mom’s home needs to be prepared for her return. She’ll want a seat that’s supportive and easy to get in and out of.

A recliner that takes force to close before standing up isn’t a good option. Instead, get an armchair and have pillows nearby to support her back. A hassock is helpful if she wants to put her feet up. If she undergoes abdominal surgery, have a pillow she can hold against her belly. It’s necessary if she needs to cough, sneeze, or keep any pets from getting too close to the incisions.

How Home Care Aides Help

Ask if she’s supposed to avoid activity or if some level of activity is allowed. Her surgeon may recommend that she goes for slow walks several times a day to stretch her muscles and work out her joints. She may need to stay seated, meaning someone needs to get her medications, cook meals, do the laundry, and top up beverages.

Whether engaging in some activities or resting, your mom needs home care aides to clean her home, cook meals, and make sure she’s eating and drinking. Her aides can support her as she gets in and out of the shower. Plus, they’re available to help her go for slow walks around the yard or neighborhood.

If your mom is prescribed pain medications, she’s not going to be allowed to drive. Even if she only uses acetaminophen and ibuprofen to relieve pain, the pain may prevent her from driving. She needs transportation to and from any follow-up appointments. Home care aides can escort her to and from appointments, too.

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