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Five Ways to Help Your Senior to Be as Independent as Possible


If your senior has expressed that her independence is important to her you might have become frustrated by some of her expectations. These are some of the ways you can help your senior to be safe and still be independent, too.

Home Care Services Somerset NJ - Five Ways to Help Your Senior to Be as Independent as Possible

Home Care Services Somerset NJ – Five Ways to Help Your Senior to Be as Independent as Possible

Do Regular Safety Checks

Safety is the number one issue for aging adults at home. It’s also a huge part of keeping her as independent as possible. Go through her home and regularly look for tripping hazards and other issues that can be corrected. Home maintenance will go a long way toward keeping her as safe as possible, too.

Use Delivery Services More Often

Delivery options are more plentiful now than ever before. So many stores either offer their own delivery options or they contract with another company that delivers for them. When your elderly family member is trying to keep her independence, having someone bringing things she needs to her can be incredibly freeing. That’s energy and time that she can spend in other ways.

Line up Extra Help Regularly

Both you and your senior can benefit from extra help now and again. Home care services providers have experience in looking out for seniors and handling tasks that are sometimes more difficult for her. They can help with light housekeeping, meal preparation, and so many other tasks. Just because your senior is accepting help, that doesn’t mean she’s losing independence.

Think about Installing an Alarm System

Home alarm systems and personal alarm systems have developed into some smart technology over the years. Some home alarm systems even offer fall detection services, which can be incredibly helpful if your senior prefers to spend a lot of time on her own. Wearable alarms also offer this type of protection and can be the best way for her to get help in an emergency situation.

Open up a Dialogue with Your Senior about Her Needs

Sit down with your elderly family member and talk with her about what she values about independence and about how she defines that term. When you’re both on the same page it’s going to be a lot easier to meet her needs. These needs can change over time.

Whatever your senior is interested in doing to maintain her independence is worth talking about. Even if it’s not an option in her current situation, you might be able to do more to get to that point than you thought you could.

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