Four Organizations That Need Work-From-Home Volunteers


Your dad is home following social-distancing rules under he COVID-19 guidlines. He’s also getting very bored. That boredom has him going outside and looking for things to do. He’s starting to talk about missing his friends and wanting to visit his children and grandchildren. Volunteering may be the best way to keep him from breaking social-isolation guidelines. These four organizations need work-from-home volunteers.

Home Care Services Warren NJ - Four Organizations That Need Work-From-Home Volunteers

Home Care Services Warren NJ – Four Organizations That Need Work-From-Home Volunteers

The Library of Congress

By the People is a division of the Library of Congress that uses volunteers to transcribe historical letters and documents, add keywords to images, or review the work other volunteers have done and verify its accuracy. Transcription doesn’t require your dad to register. Tags and review work does require him to register. To sign up or learn more, visit

The National Archives and Records Administration

If your dad is good at reading cursive handwriting, he could volunteer with the National Archives. They need volunteers to read and transcribe letters and other historical documents into their online system. If that’s not appealing, volunteers are also needed to view old photos and other images and add tags. Sign up at

Red Cross

The Red Cross uses digital volunteers to monitor forums for people who need help from the Red Cross. They also share information through social media and listen to those who need someone to listen to their fears and concerns in a compassionate, helpful manner. To learn more, your dad should visit


Your dad could sign up to be a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer. He can find projects that best match his interests. He’ll be transcribing historical documents like manuscripts, field notes, diaries, logs, and ledgers. The projects range from transcribing Freedmen’s Bureau documents to the field notes of a scientist who spent time observing birds and plants in the Andes. He can sign up at

Have you talked to your dad about home care services? If he’s feeling stir-crazy because of the current pandemic, he’s more likely to try to go out and do things as normal. He finds he’s low on sugar and risks the trip to the grocery store. He needs more Advil, so he goes to the pharmacy.

Home care services aides can keep him at home by running errands for him. They can arrange prescription refills and pick them up. They can clean and sterilize your dad’s home. They can cook his meals and make sure he’s not showing signs of the virus. If he is, they can make sure he gets the care he needs. Most importantly, home care services aides can make sure he has supplies and opportunities to stay busy with hobbies and volunteer opportunities.

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