The Value of Home Care When Your Dad Lives Alone


What do you do when you live on the other side of the country and get the call that your dad fell? You can visit for a week, but after that, you have a life and job where you currently live. You can’t just uproot your family, and your dad refuses to move. Have you considered the value of home care services?

Someone’s Checking On Him Regularly

Home Care Scotch Plains NJ - The Value of Home Care When Your Dad Lives Alone

Home Care Scotch Plains NJ – The Value of Home Care When Your Dad Lives Alone

When your dad has home care services, you have peace of mind that he’s not alone for days and weeks on end. He has someone stopping by to check that he has enough food, medications, and toiletries.

His caregiver can verify that his heating or cooling system is working properly, that he has heating fuel, and that his water is running properly. Your dad’s caregiver can alert you if anything is wrong or in need of repair.

He Has Someone to Encourage Him to Stay Active

With regular caregiver visits, your dad has someone to help him stay motivated. His caregiver can join him on walks and encourage him to walk farther and push a little bit harder. If he needs someone to hold onto while walking, his caregiver is there.

Home Care Aides Keep His Home Clean and Organized

Your dad’s household chores get completed regularly with the help of home care aides. They can change his sheets and towels each week and do the laundry that same day. Clothes, bedding, and towels get washed and dried. Then, the caregiver will put everything away.

Vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping chores are completed by caregivers. They’ll also wash dishes, load the dishwasher, put clean dishes away, and sanitize surfaces. After a shopping trip, caregivers put items where they go. They also get the mail, sort it, and recycle any junk mail.

Carrying out the trash and recyclables is another task caregivers help with. They’ll tidy up clutter and even help your dad care for his pets if necessary.

He’s Well Fed

Your dad’s meals are prepared by caregivers. He can tell his caregivers what he likes to eat. You’ll go over any dietary restrictions. His caregiver prepares the meals and snacks he needs, helps him shop, and even sits with him while he eats so that he’s never alone for a meal.

Caregivers Can Join Him on Shopping Trips and be a Companion

Your dad’s home care aides can help him with his shopping. If he can’t read a price tag or nutrition facts, his caregiver reads it for him. Caregivers can also help him at the register and carry the bags into the house.

Your dad’s caregivers are there for socialization, too. He’s never going to go days or weeks without having a conversation with someone. He’s able to socialize while playing games, taking walks, or eating meals.

Call our agency and ask to learn more about home care. You’ll review pricing, services, and the best schedule for your dad’s needs.

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