Five Items Your Parents Need to Have for Outdoor Walks in the Winter


As winter arrives, your parents’ daily walks don’t have to end. They do need to prepare for the colder weather. Rather than miss out on their 30 minutes of daily exercise, get your parents prepared with the things they need for safe winter walks.

A Cellphone

Homecare Somerset County NJ - Five Items Your Parents Need to Have for Outdoor Walks in the Winter

Homecare Somerset County NJ – Five Items Your Parents Need to Have for Outdoor Walks in the Winter

Make sure they carry a cellphone. If your mom or dad does fall and gets hurt, a phone makes it easy to call for help.

Many of today’s cellphone plans include options for lower use. If your parents don’t often use their cell phones, a low-use plan is cost-effective and makes sure they have access to phone service when they need it.

A Hat With Ear Protection

When shopping for a winter hat, make sure the hat covers the ears. A hat with ear flaps that fold up and down is a great option. When it’s windy, the ear flaps fold down over the ears and prevent the delicate skin from frostbite. On warmer days, the ear flaps fold up to prevent overheating.

Ice Cleats

In icy, snowy regions, ice cleats that strap onto boots or sneakers are a must-have. Yaktrax and Stabilicers are two of the many brands that are affordable and work well.

When your parents go out, the ice cleats will add traction on packed snow and ice. They’ll be less likely to slip and fall.

A Water-Resistant Jacket

A heavy coat is helpful, but it’s not the only option. There are lighter coats with materials that keep the body warm in bitter cold temperatures. Thinsulate is a synthetic fiber that traps heat next to the skin. It’s lightweight, which makes it a popular option for winter jackets.

Make sure the outer shell is water-resistant or waterproof. It keeps the layers from becoming damp and uncomfortable.

When shopping for a coat, check its rating. If your parents live in an area where wind chills can reach 20, 30, or 40 below 0 F, make sure the coat offers protection to that temperature.

Waterproof Gloves

Gloves protect the hands. If your parents do slip and fall, they don’t want to have to put their hands on ice or snow and risk frostbite while trying to get up. Gloves also protect the hands from the cold weather while they walk. They may prefer to use their pockets, but gloves are important.

Choose waterproof gloves that have enough inner insulation to keep the hands warm. If they’re machine washable and can go through the clothes dryer, it will be easier to keep them clean.

During the winter months, take a look at companionship services from a local homecare agency. Your parents can have homecare aides stopping by to join them on winter walks and make sure they’re warm enough in their home.

Homecare aides can help with chores like housework and laundry, but they’re also good at making sure the heating system is working and that the home’s pipes haven’t frozen. Call our homecare agency to talk about services and pricing.

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