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Safety for Seniors Makes a World of Difference


It’s so easy to get caught up in daily life that we overlook safety. Yet, every moment we get out of bed, step into the shower, get behind the wheel, ride the bus or train, walk down the sidewalk, ride an elevator, or do any other type of activity, there is risk involved. It doesn’t get easier as you get older. In fact, it gets tougher, especially as you move from middle-age toward your senior years. Senior care aides can help a loved one with this issue.

Senior Care Somerset County NJ - Safety for Seniors Makes a World of Difference

Senior Care Somerset County NJ – Safety for Seniors Makes a World of Difference

As people get older, that doesn’t mean their safety has to be compromised. However, with chronic health issues, medical emergencies, and the natural process of aging, many seniors will reach a point when they recognize their own limitations. Some seniors may feel “fragile.”

Even though it may seem easy to overlook, and it is something most of us overlook on a daily basis, when a person has difficulty with their balance, isn’t completely certain on their feet, or is worried about their safety for one reason or another, senior care is the best choice.

Why does senior care make a difference?

Frankly, it doesn’t mean this is better than family and friends or that they may very well be able to support them, but an experienced senior care provider will have a great deal of experience and understand common risk factors that many elderly men and women face.

An elderly person who needs a lot of medical attention around-the-clock could very well end up in a nursing home, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks or a few months. During that time, though, their legs, arms, and the rest of their muscles may likely weaken.

So, when they are discharged and sent home, what are they going to do? Their safety is going to have diminished even more. Perhaps the simple act of stepping into and out of the shower or tub could be incredibly dangerous.

Never make assumptions.

As family and friends, it’s important not to make assumptions about seniors in our lives. We shouldn’t assume they are safe and we should assume they don’t worry about their safety.

We should ask them. The more you sit down and talk directly to the senior and listen to what they say, the more you can take a proactive approach to helping them maintain a high quality of life and still remain safe, especially if they want to remain home.

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