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Persuading Your Parents to Sign Up for Homecare Is Easy With These Steps


Some older adults are hesitant to sign up for homecare. They feel that needing a caregiver’s help signals an end to their independence. Make sure your parents know that caregivers are there to ensure your parents remain independent in their home. That’s the first step. From there, these steps will help persuade your parents that homecare is a smart choice.

Homecare Scotch Plains NJ - Persuading Your Parents to Sign Up for Homecare Is Easy With These Steps

Homecare Scotch Plains NJ – Persuading Your Parents to Sign Up for Homecare Is Easy With These Steps

Help Them See Caregivers Are Champions

A caregiver’s role is to be your parents’ biggest champion. The caregiver is there to help with the chores that are getting harder, but they’re also there to cheer on your mom and dad. Caregivers are there to support your parents as they attempt to do things that need doing.

Caregivers are there to cheer your parents on while they work on their exercise routines. They’re there to remind what needs doing and offer encouragement for the tougher tasks. They’re friends who stand by your parents on the good days and the more difficult days.

Talk to Others Who Use Caregivers

Ask your parents friends, neighbors, and relatives about homecare. When you find people who use homecare, ask if they’d talk to your parents about what it’s like to have a caregiver helping support an independent lifestyle.

With first-hand information, your parents start to see that caregivers help out without reducing independence or a level of privacy. The caregiver may need to help with tasks like personal care and grooming, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t make privacy and security the primary focus while helping. Real-life accounts will help your parents understand the realities of having help.

Make Sure Your Parents Know Caregivers Free Up Time for Fun

If you’re the family caregiver, you know how hard it is balancing upkeep of your own home and work responsibilities. You’re also balancing self-care with the things you have to help your parents get done each week. It leaves little time to sit and enjoy time with your parents.

With caregivers helping out all week, your time at your parents’ house becomes time for fun. You have time to sit down and play cards, go out to eat, or relax in the backyard and chat over tea. Homecare frees up time for fun activities.

Involve Your Parents in the Hiring Process

Don’t make decisions that involve your parents without asking for their input. They need to be involved in every step. Let them ask questions about the homecare agency’s services and policies. If possible, let them interview the caregivers.

Homecare is easily arranged. Call our agency, ask questions, and find out prices. Make sure your parents are involved in the decision-making. It will make the process go smoothly.

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