Home Care Makes Care Easier For Seniors With Alzheimer’s


Do you struggle when it comes to getting your senior parent with Alzheimer’s to the doctor? When you have a senior loved one that has Alzheimer’s the logistics of getting your loved one to appointments can be very difficult. Every detail has to be planned and you also have to plan for contingencies if you need to take your senior loved one to a medical appointment. Juggling all the moving parts involved in taking someone who needs constant supervision out in public is extremely stressful. But home care providers can make it a lot easier to make sure that your senior parent with Alzheimer’s gets the medical care they need. Home health care providers can provide medical care for your senior loved one.

Services that Home Care vs Home Health Care Providers can Performs

Physical Therapy

Home Care New Providence NJ - Home Care Makes Care Easier For Seniors With Alzheimer's

Home Care New Providence NJ – Home Care Makes Care Easier For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

If your senior loved one with Alzheimer’s has fallen or has a medical condition that limits their mobility getting them to go to physical therapy regularly can be hard on them and hard on home care aides. Your senior loved one won’t understand why they need to go to therapy two or three times a week or what the therapy is for. They may act belligerent or be uncooperative because they don’t understand what’s going on or don’t want to leave the house. But a home health care provider trained in physical therapy can give your senior loved one the therapy they need in the comfort of their familiar home surroundings. It will be easier on seniors and easier on family caregivers.

Wound Care

Seniors with Alzheimer’s can develop wounds and not even know where the wounds come from. They could come from a scratch that got infected, or a cut. They could come from lying in bed or sitting on the couch and not getting enough exercise. Wounds can also be caused by medical conditions. But no matter what the source is the wounds need medical care regularly to prevent them from becoming infected or getting worse.

Giving a senior with Alzheimer’s wound care that might be painful can be difficult. It’s even more difficult when the senior is in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people who seem like they are trying to hurt them. But a home health care provider trained in wound care can deliver the wound care that your senior needs in a familiar setting with familiar people around which will lower their stress level and make it easier to give the care they need.

IVs and Nutritional Support

Malnutrition and dehydration are often problems that seniors with Alzheimer’s face. When they can no longer read their body’s cues of hunger and thirst they don’t eat and don’t drink enough water. Having home care providers there to make sure they are getting their nourishment. Dehydration and malnutrition can make existing medical conditions worse and make seniors more likely to fall. Getting IV support can help them stay hydrated but a trained medical professional must give an IV. A home health care provider can give IV and nutritional support at home to seniors with Alzheimer’s.

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