Get the Help Your Family Needs to Handle Alzheimer’s


Back in 2020, it was estimated that 5.8 million Americans had Alzheimer’s disease. Two years later, that estimate has grown by 700,000 people. Alzheimer’s is a prevalent health condition that impacts more and more families every year. Your dad has Alzheimer’s. It’s still in the early stages, but your family is getting prepared. Now is a great time to discuss the benefits of personal care at home services.

Personal Care at Home Berkeley Heights NJ - Get the Help Your Family Needs to Handle Alzheimer's

Personal Care at Home Berkeley Heights NJ – Get the Help Your Family Needs to Handle Alzheimer’s

Family caregivers often struggle to balance their jobs with their parents’ care needs. Add in the need to visit friends, run errands, and have time for self-care, it’s a lot to handle. You might be teaming up with your brothers and sisters to cover your dad’s needs, but there are gaps when you have to leave your dad alone.

Personal care at home services is exactly what you need. Focus on yourself without leaving your dad alone all day. Learn more about the services that caregivers offer to ensure your dad is supported as Alzheimer’s progresses.

What Does Personal Care at Home Cover?

Right now, your dad may be okay at home alone. He’s not finding it too hard to do his normal daily activities. That can change quickly. He might go to take a nap and forget he was cooking scrambled eggs. A fire breaks out, and he’s in bed with his door closed. That’s just one possible scenario.

He’s used to going for a walk each afternoon. One day, your dad is out and nothing looks familiar. He doesn’t recognize his house. He’s lost and keeps walking hoping he’ll remember how to get home. Not every person with Alzheimer’s wanders and gets lost, but many do.

When you hire personal care at home aides, your dad has someone to supervise his activities. If he’s cooking dinner, he has a caregiver for cueing. His caregiver reminds him to stir his eggs, take them off the burner, and put them on a plate.

Caregivers can join him for walks. If he gets lost, his companion shows him how to get back home. You’re not at work constantly checking cameras or calling him to make sure he’s safe. It’s one of the most important reasons to arrange daily home care services.

Family Caregivers Also Gain Support

Personal care at home allows you to take breaks as a family caregiver. You don’t have to be the only one caring for your dad. You can visit friends, sleep in, or go to work without worrying about your dad being at home alone.

It’s also helpful having someone skilled in Alzheimer’s home care assisting your dad with his household chores. He has a caregiver to ensure he moves the wash load into the dryer before it sits too long. Your dad’s caregivers help with housework, errands, transportation, and organization. Call our agency to discuss prices for personal care at home services.


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