What Does In-Home Care Include?


Aging in place is a great option for many seniors. There are proven health benefits that come with seniors getting to grow older in their own homes in the established neighborhoods they’ve been in for years. But as seniors get older and develop health problems they may need some assistance at home in order to keep up their homes and make sure their homes are safe. In-home care services for seniors are there to provide the extra support that seniors need so that they can stay in their homes as they get older but do so safely.

In-home care for seniors can be customized for each senior’s individual needs, and if those needs change over time the level of care can change too. In-home care for seniors includes things like:


In-Home Care Somerset NJ - What Does In-Home Care Include?

In-Home Care Somerset NJ – What Does In-Home Care Include?

One of the areas that seniors usually need the most help in is housekeeping. Chores like dusting, vacuuming, and keeping the house tidy can become difficult for seniors as they get older, especially if they have health problems. In-home care for seniors includes light housekeeping tasks and keeping the house clutter-free. When the house is clutter-free it lowers the risk of seniors falling over piles of paper, shoes left in front of things, books, and other items.

Meal Preparation And Clean Up

Cooking and preparing meals can be difficult for seniors too, especially if they have mobility challenges or have poor grip strength that makes it tough for them to lift pots and pans or chop, stir, and use kitchen utensils. This can lead to seniors becoming malnourished because they can’t prepare healthy meals for themselves. With in-home care, seniors will have help in the kitchen. Along with a care provider seniors can once again cook delicious healthy meals with fresh ingredients. And care providers can prepare meals and snacks and put them in the fridge so that your senior just needs to reheat them when they are hungry and a care provider isn’t there.

In-Home Care Aides Can Shop And Run Errands

Shopping and running errands can be particularly tough for seniors who are on their own. With a care provider seniors have a much easier time getting out to run errands. A care provider will help with transportation, dropping off mail and packages or picking them up, getting seniors to hair appointments or medical appointments, and making sure that those little errands and tasks that are necessary for living, get done.


Getting laundry to the washer and doing loads of laundry can be tough for seniors, especially if the laundry is in the basement and the clothes are on the second floor. With in-home care, seniors will have help doing laundry from start to finish, including getting the folded and sorted clothes back upstairs where they need to be. And a care provider can help seniors wash big items like towels, linens, and comforters when they need to be washed. In nice weather, a caregiver can hang items outside to dry so they get that special scent that clothes can only get when they’re line dried in the summer. Talk with our local care agency today to find out more about the benefits of in-home care for seniors.

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