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Stress-Free Lifting Techniques That Save Your Back


Since your dad had a stroke, he needs help getting out of bed. He can’t get in and out of the shower without you lifting him. He certainly can’t get from a chair or sofa to his wheelchair. It’s tough to manage, and it’s starting to prove hard on your back. Overexertion injuries are most common in healthcare fields. If you’re lifting and moving your dad, it’s not uncommon to strain a muscle. This is a situation that many family caregivers encounter. You’re not trained to help a parent in this way, but you can to learn some techniques to save your back. It would also be helpful to have homecare services to help your dad too.

Homecare Essex County NJ - Stress-Free Lifting Techniques That Saves Your Back

Homecare Essex County NJ – Stress-Free Lifting Techniques That Save Your Back

At one point, the Veteran’s Health Administration and Association of Perioperative Nurses agreed that workers shouldn’t lift more than 35 pounds. It’s tough to stick to those guidelines when you’re shifting or lifting an adult. You can’t ignore your dad’s need for help. What are some of the best ways to lift him without hurting your back?

Work Out and Build Muscles

Get your back in shape by completing daily exercises that target the back muscles. You may want to talk to your doctor about working with a physical therapist who can help you learn how to lift correctly while also strengthening the muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, and hips.

Ask About Renting or Purchasing Helpful Equipment

Talk to your dad’s insurance company about renting or purchasing equipment that helps support your dad’s weight during a transfer. This could be a sling lift, a lifting vest, or a medical lift belt. It might mean investing in a recliner or bed that’s motorized to help him go from sitting or laying down to a standing position.

Get Your Dad to Do Some of the Work

The more your dad can help out, the better it is for you. Encourage him to do some of the work. Keep him motivated by offering a treat in exchange for his effort. You know he loves omelets. Offer to make him a vegetable omelet if he’s able to swing his legs off the bed on his own.

Make sure you don’t criticize him if he can’t do it. It’s the effort that matters. As long as he tries, he should be rewarded.

Rely on Teamwork with Homecare Help

Team up when it comes to lifting your dad out of bed and into his wheelchair. Have someone to help out when you’re moving him from his wheelchair to a shower seat and back. With a helper to assist you, it’s less strain on your back.

Homecare aides can help your dad with ambulation and transfers. They’re also able to help with the other things he needs, like assistance with meals, toileting, and housekeeping. Call our homecare specialist, ask about these helpful services, and determine how much caregivers cost. From there, you’ll have the information you need to make arrangements.

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