Hospital to Home Care

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Transitioning Home from the Hospital

Coming home from the hospital often requires regular observation and care in the days following a hospital discharge.

While a family member may have the best intentions as a caregiver for a recently hospitalized loved one, the challenge is often too great for the untrained caregiver.

Family caregivers often experience depression as a result of the added responsibility and stress associated with caregiving.

Home care agencies like Generations Home Healthcare have professional, compassionate caregivers available to provide post-hospitalization care.

Caregivers are experienced in the recovery and rehabilitation process and can serve as a constant source of support for the recently discharged patient.

Hospital Discharge to Home Care

Home Care After Surgery, Injury, or Illness

Recovering from a surgical procedure, illness, or injury can be difficult. Sticking to your recovery requirements, prescribed to you by your doctor is not always easy on your own. Having a home care professional is beneficial not only for major surgery but also for a simple, non-invasive procedure.


What Does Post-Surgery Home Care Include?

Home care is designed to fit your needs, based on your physician’s instructions and your own preferences. Post-operative home care services can be arranged for as little as a few hours up to 24 hours a day.

Depending on the type of surgery, you may receive a single type of care or a combination of services. 


Common Post-Hospital In-Home Care Needs

  • Planning and preparing nutritionally sound meals that comply with all medical guidelines.
  • Ensuring medications are taken on-time and in the appropriate dosage (reminders only).
  • Routine, light housekeeping.
  • Assistance with personal care, including bathing and toileting.
  • Assistance with shopping.
  • Escorts to doctors’ appointments or social engagements.
  • Encouraging exercise, as directed by their health care provider.

What is a CHHA in New Jersey?

A Certified Home Health Aide is currently licensed in New Jersey and received a certification from the New Jersey State Board of Nursing. They aren’t nurses; however, they do work very closely with the Generations Team and the family to provide the amount of care that is in the plan of care. 

CHHAs do not administer medications. They assist with activities of daily living such as personal hygiene. They may prepare light meals for your loved one, and assist with walking, transferring your loved one from the bed to chair or chair to bed, and aid in repositioning in bed.

Their ability to provide personal care means so much. A warm bath, clean sheets, fresh pajamas, and a small bite to eat can play a huge part in someone’s comfort and dignity.

Through their work, our CHHAs do something wonderful: build strong relationships with our families. 


Home Care Services

Medication reminders

Our CHHA can ensure the client takes her/his medication as prescribed.

Personal care

The CHHA will help, as appropriate, with bathing, toileting and personal grooming.

Exercise regimens

Ensuring a proper program of exercise can be a daily highlight for the client.

Light housekeeping

While the CHHA is NOT a housekeeper she/he will do some light housekeeping and laundering.

Basic errands

By arrangement, the CHHA can run simple errands such as grocery shopping or accompanying the client to the bank or drug store, etc


Frequently this is the most critical function for the CHHA, from chatting to playing board games to specially designed mental acuity and memory exercises. It entails being someone reliable, patient, supportive and caring, someone who can fill-in for the family or primary caregiver.

Meal preparation

While the CHHA is not primarily a chef she/he will do some light meal preparation; ensuring proper nutrition can be very important to clients.

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