October 23rd National Make a Difference Day


You may not know this, but on October 23rd, it’s time to celebrate National Make a Difference Day. You can do this in so many ways, and it might be a good time to visit your parents or seniors. This day is a good day to find out what needs to be done around the house and how you can help them out. If a senior wants to get out and make a difference, this is a good chance for an in-home care provider to drive them to a volunteer opportunity.

In-Home Care Berkeley Heights NJ - October 23rd National Make a Difference Day

In-Home Care Berkeley Heights NJ – October 23rd National Make a Difference Day

There are many ways the senior you love can get out and make a difference and ways for you to show you care while making a difference in your senior’s life. National Make a Difference Day takes things to a whole new level which encourages and promotes helping each other. Millions of people come together to volunteer on projects and make a change. Small changes and actions can impact the nation as a whole.

When you see your parents next, mention the national holiday that is still gaining popularity. See if the in-home care assistant can help take the senior to do something. If the senior cannot do anything, ask the in-home care specialist what needs to be done around the house. Even if you are not a volunteer, you can still make a change that will impact the seniors’ lives.

Things You Can do for The Senior

Firstly, ask what needs to be done. If the senior cannot remember, ask the in-home care advisor who is with them every day. They will have a good idea of what needs to get done they cannot do legally and things the senior cannot do either. This is a good place to start, and it will feel rewarding to help your parents or loved one.

Mow the Lawn

Caregivers can do small tasks and help manage the household, but they may not do yard work. Having a yard is a ton of work for a senior, and if you have the time on October 23rd, you should stop by to mow your loved one’s yard.

Pressure Wash the Driveway

Simple activities for you may not be for the senior. If they own a house with a decent driveway, clean it off for them. This makes the driveway look nice and also keeps it from growing mildew or anything else that may make a senior fall.

Things the Senior Can do for Others with Some In-Home Care Help

If your loved one is still mobile, they may want to volunteer on October 23rd. They may have even already heard of this day. The great news about volunteering is the in-home care provider can ensure transportation for the seniors, especially planned in advance. Here are a few ideas for them.

Read to Kids

If a local hospital accepts volunteers to read to kids, this may be a great way to make a difference. This is something that even a senior who isn’t super mobile can do.

Picking up Garbage

Local parks need a lot of volunteer love. If your senior has a favorite park they like to go to, they can volunteer to trail clean and pick up garbage. This is great for seniors who are a little bit more active or can stand for a few hours.

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