Personal Care For Seniors After A Hospital Stay


When your senior parent has been in the hospital, either for a short stint in the ER or a longer stay due to an illness or fall they are going to need some extra help when they get home. Chances are good that your senior parent will be groggy, a little bruised, and very disoriented after their hospital stay. And if they were in the hospital because of a fall they are going to need help around the house to make sure that they don’t fall again and make their injuries worse. Personal care at home services are designed to help seniors with the tasks they need help with that may be awkward or embarrassing for seniors.

Personal Care at Home Union County NJ - Personal Care For Seniors After A Hospital Stay

Personal Care at Home Union County NJ – Personal Care For Seniors After A Hospital Stay

Very often seniors prefer to have personal care at home providers help them after a hospital stay rather than a family member to avoid that embarrassment or any awkward situations.

Personal care at home for seniors after a hospital stay means that seniors will get the help they need with things like:

Getting In And Out Of Bed

There is a good chance that seniors who have already fallen once will fall again when they are home. And most seniors fall when they are trying to get in or get out of bed. After days in the hospital seniors are going to be weaker than usual and their mobility may be off because they have been lying in bed for days in the hospital. With the expert help of a trained care provider that knows how to help seniors of all shapes and sizes get safely in and out of bed seniors are much more likely to be able to avoid falling at home after a hospital stay.

Going To The Bathroom

It’s never easy to help a senior parent with a task like toileting. Seniors find it much less awkward and embarrassing to have a dedicated trained professional care provider help them when they need help with such an intimate hygiene task. And since your senior parent will probably need help with all aspects of personal care after being in the hospital it just makes sense to get personal care at home for a senior loved one who has been in the hospital.


Having a child help them shower isn’t just awkward for a senior, it can be dangerous. Showering means being around slippery wet floors, potentially catching a chill and getting sick, or falling getting in and out of the tub. Trained care providers who have experience helping seniors with tasks like showering, washing their hair, and brushing their teeth can help seniors safely maneuver in the bathroom during and after a shower.

Getting Dressed

Seniors will feel a lot better when they are home if they are getting dressed each day. Just getting dressed in clean “day “ pajamas instead of wearing the same ones they slept in can totally change a senior’s mindset and mood. But seniors who have limited mobility or are not able to dress because of their injury need the help of someone who knows how to safely help a senior with limited movement ability get dressed.

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Susan Myer, RN, BSN, CCRN, CDP