Six Things to Know About Personal Care at Home


Personal care at home services aid your mom with grooming, toileting, and hygiene. When her muscle strength, balance, or health impacts how well she can take care of her body, skin, hair, and nails, caregivers can step in and make sure your mom is cared for.

Here are six of the vital services personal care at home offers:

Personal Care at Home Scotch Plains NJ - Six Things to Know About Personal Care at Home

Personal Care at Home Scotch Plains NJ – Six Things to Know About Personal Care at Home

1. Caregivers Help With Toileting

Your mom has a hard time getting to the toilet on time or cleaning up after she uses the toilet. Instead of risking a UTI or skin infection due to improper cleanliness, hire caregivers to help your mom get to the toilet on time and clean up. If she has an accident, her caregiver helps her change her clothes.

2. Caregivers Assist With Skin Care

Older skin lacks the same amount of collagen as younger skin. It thins out and becomes drier. Hire home care aides to help with skincare. Caregivers can apply moisturizer and make sure her skin is dry before she gets dressed.

3. Caregivers Trim Nails

Your mom no longer is able to trim her nails, but she can have a caregiver do it for her. Her caregivers can trim the nails on her toes and fingers and make sure they’re not too long or causing injury when she puts on shoes or too short and leading to hangnails.

4. Caregivers Dress Your Mom

Your mom often has a hard time deciding what to wear. She may not have the cognitive skills to know if she needs a sweater and jeans or shorts and a t-shirt depending on the weather forecast. She might have difficulty buttoning her shirt, zipping pants, or tying shoes. Caregivers can help her get dressed in the right outfit.

5. Caregivers Make Sure Your Mom’s Teeth Are Brushed and Flossed

Your mom struggles to brush and floss her teeth. Why not hire personal care attendants to brush and floss her teeth for her. Instead of risking tooth decay and gum disease, your mom has the help she needs and maintains good oral hygiene.

6. Personal Care at Home Aides Wash Your Mom’s Body and Hair

Finally, your mom’s caregivers help her in the bathtub or shower. If she has a harder time leaning over to wash her feet or lifting up her hands high enough to shampoo her hair, have caregivers help out.

Her caregivers can wash her hair and body and make sure all areas are clean before she’s rinsed off. If she needs to condition her hair, caregivers do it. At that point, the caregiver will turn off the shower and help your mom out of the shower stall or bathtub.

Call our home care agency and ask about personal care at home services. The advisor will walk you through the steps to take to get started. Your mom will have the help she needs, which gives you peace of mind.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional Personal Care at Home Services in Scotch Plains NJ, please talk to the caring staff at Generations Home Health Care today. Providing Home Care in Somerset, Essex, Union, Morris, and Hunterdon Counties. Call us today at (908) 290-0691 or (973) 241-4534.

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