Home Upgrades For Seniors With Alzheimer’s Aging In Place


Seniors who have Alzheimer’s may want to stay in their familiar homes as they get older, but their families may be concerned about their physical safety. Safety is a valid concern, especially for seniors who have other health conditions in addition to Alzheimer’s. But some things can be done to keep seniors with Alzheimer’s safe and comfortable in their homes as they get older. Seniors who are aging in place with Alzheimer’s should have Alzheimer’s care at home.

Alzheimer’s care is specialized care that can meet the unique needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s. And Alzheimer’s care is customized to the needs of each senior so that as their disease progresses they can get the level of care they need at home.

In addition to Alzheimer’s care some of the best home upgrades for seniors with Alzheimer’s who want to stay in their homes are:

Alzheimer's Care Westfield NJ - Home Upgrades For Seniors With Alzheimer’s Aging In Place

Alzheimer’s Care Westfield NJ – Home Upgrades For Seniors With Alzheimer’s Aging In Place

Keep Hallways And Pathways Clear

Remove tripping hazards and excess clutter from walkways and living areas. Clear, well-organized spaces can reduce the risk of falls and confusion.

Install Handrails and Grab Bars

Handrails and grab bars should be strategically placed in areas like bathrooms, hallways, and near stairs to assist with balance and stability. Stairlifts can also be used to help seniors safely navigate stairs in two-story homes.

Non-Slip Flooring Is Essential

Replace or modify flooring to reduce slip and trip hazards. Options include non-slip tiles, low-pile carpets, or non-skid rugs. Some products can be applied to existing floors to make them non-slip. And make sure that seniors have high-quality non-slip footwear to wear in the house.

Improved Lighting

Adequate lighting is crucial for seniors with Alzheimer’s. Install brighter lighting, motion-activated lights, and nightlights to improve visibility and reduce disorientation, especially at night. Motion-activated lights in the bathroom, hallways, and stairways will lower the risk of seniors falling in those areas.

Secure Locks and Alarms

Install secure locks on doors and windows to prevent wandering. Consider door alarms or sensors that alert caregivers if a door is opened. Locks that have a keypad are very effective for keeping seniors with Alzheimer’s safe while allowing caregivers and family members to come and go easily.

Easier Faucets and Handles

Replace traditional faucets and doorknobs with lever-style handles, which are easier to use for individuals with reduced dexterity. For seniors with advanced Alzheimer’s consider installing touchless timed faucets. These faucets turn on when someone waves a hand under them and turn themselves off automatically. That way a senior with Alzheimer’s won’t turn on the tap and forget, which can cause flooding and other damage.

Appliance Safety

Install automatic shut-off devices for stoves, ovens, and other appliances to prevent accidents. Label appliances and switches clearly. Smart plugs can give control of the appliances to family and caregivers so that they can make sure the appliances are turned off no matter where they are.

Safe Bathrooms

Install a walk-in shower or tub with a built-in seat and a handheld showerhead. Consider a raised toilet seat with armrests for added comfort and safety.

Smart Home Technology

Invest in smart home devices like security cameras, motion sensors, and doorbell cameras to help monitor the senior’s activities and enhance safety.

Furniture Arrangement

Arrange furniture to create clear and open pathways, eliminating obstacles that could cause tripping or confusion.

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Susan Myer, RN, BSN, CCRN, CDP