How to Promote Independence In a Senior’s Life


So many seniors choose to age in place because they do not want to lose their independence. That doesn’t mean they require no help though. Your loved one may need help from elder care providers who can help manage their household and routines, but this does not mean they will lose independence. Elder care can help encourage and promote independence allowing your seniors to thrive while they age in place.

Here are some ways the whole family can support and encourage independence when caring for a senior.

Make Their Homes Safe

Elder Care Westfield NJ - How to Promote Independence In a Seniors Life

Elder Care Westfield NJ – How to Promote Independence In a Seniors Life

One of the best things a family can do when a senior chooses to age in place is focus on the senior’s home. If a senior’s home has too many rugs, stairs, or things that can harm them it will be harder for a senior to remain at home. The best thing you can do as an adult child is go through the home and make small changes. Beds may need handrails, showers may need non-slip rugs, or they may need an armrest chair to help them get up from the chair. Whatever it is, most senior homes can have small renovations done to help promote independence and help them age in place for much longer.

Promote More Social Activities

The more social a senior is, the more they are going to want to do things on their own. Even if a senior has given up driving, this is something that elder care can help them with. If a senior is aging in place they should remain as social as possible. The more friends they have the more events they will go to and the higher quality of life they will have. Your senior loved one can remain independent and having things to do can help give them something to look forward to. Keep in mind that a senior may want to see their families more often too which is also considered a social activity! It is time to get the grandkids involved in your loved one’s life.

Make Plans With Them Not For Them

One misconception about elder care is that they will run the show for your seniors. Meaning they will make all the decisions for your loved one and the senior doesn’t get a say. This is not true. One of the main things elder care will do is talk to your senior to figure out what they want and need and adapt a routine to that. Your loved one has full control over their body, their schedule, and what happens in their daily lives. That is why elder care is a great tool for seniors who want to age in place. Elder care will always promote independence.

Encourage Physical Activity

The more active a senior is, the more likely they will be able to do things on their own, which is another great way to encourage independence. Your loved one should be focused on moving as much as possible every single day. Keep in mind their home should be set up so they can move around and do almost everything on their own. If something is not physically possible for them to do it needs to be changed so they can thrive.

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Susan Myer, RN, BSN, CCRN, CDP