Home Care Assistance Can Help Seniors With Disabilities


Getting older is a hard thing to cope with for most people. You may not be able to do everything independently and may have had to give up hobbies like running marathons or weight lifting as you’ve gotten older. But, the truth is for those with disabilities things get much harder as a person becomes a senior. You may want to help your aging parent but sometimes a family needs more help because there are so many challenges that come from caring for a senior with disabilities and your mom or dad may be more comfortable with a professional like a home care assistance provider.

Here are some of the ways that home care assistance can help your senior mom or dad age in place, even if they are battling a disability. 

Home Care Assistance Can Help Set Goals

Home Care Assistance New Providence NJ - Home Care Assistance Can Help Seniors With Disabilities

Home Care Assistance New Providence NJ – Home Care Assistance Can Help Seniors With Disabilities

No matter who needs help or what they’re doing in life, they need goals. It can be hard for a senior to set manageable goals for themselves, but it can be impossible when you add in any form of disability. The truth is a senior who has developed a new disability or who has lived with one, should be working with a doctor or even a physical therapist, or mental health therapist to come up with goals. Home care assistance can ensure that seniors stick with those goals or help them create new goals that align with their doctors’ desires. Everyday home care can help encourage seniors to work towards those goals and find routines that will help them feel as if they have achieved what they set out to do. This type of goal setting and motivation can help seniors feel like they are accomplishing things and living a high-valued life.

Home Care Assistance Will Set Up a Good Environment

One of the things many family members worry about when caring for a senior is how well a space is set up for them. Luckily, hiring a professional means you will receive input on how to arrange a home for them or a space for them to live. This can be crucial, especially when caring for a person with disabilities. They may not be able to do specific things, or they may need extra help in certain areas. You can add tools to make going to the bathroom easier, such as non-slip mats to keep them safe in the shower or other things. Sometimes, changing a layout is all a senior will need to thrive while aging in place.

A Good Caregiver Will Continue to Promote Independence

Of course, things change as you get older, and sometimes more help is necessary. However, home care assistance will always promote independence and encourage a senior to try something on their own first. This does not mean a caregiver will leave someone stranded in the tub; they will help a senior get in and out of the tub but encourage a senior to try and bathe on their own for the most part. This type of help gives seniors a sense of control and responsibility and can make them feel happier while aging in place, even with a disability.

Anyone can lead a productive and meaningful life while aging in place if they just have the right help.

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Susan Myer, RN, BSN, CCRN, CDP