What Could Be Causing Your Seniors Insomnia


When a senior suffers from insomnia, they have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or can’t get quality sleep throughout the night. Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of life a senior should be focusing on. A common myth says elderly people sleep less naturally. This myth is false. Your loved one’s sleeping habits may shift by going to bed at different times, but they still need the average amount of sleep and need good quality sleep just like everyone else. Their in-home care provider can help them develop better sleeping routines and habits to improve their sleep.

If you think your mom or dad is suffering from insomnia, here is what could be causing it.

They May Suffer From Anxiety

In-Home Care Warren NJ - What Could Be Causing Your Seniors Insomnia

In-Home Care Warren NJ – What Could Be Causing Your Seniors Insomnia

Unfortunately, anyone of any age can suffer from anxiety. It’s not always as simple as telling someone to calm down, and it’s even harder to work through anxiety as a senior who is aging in place and on their own. Your loved one may not be sleeping because their anxiety has become overwhelming. They may lay awake thinking about their problems at night, and these thoughts may be keeping them awake or giving them stressful dreams that wake them up. The best way you can help your loved ones is by asking them what their worries are. When you understand the true problem, you can help find the solutions that ease stress and anxiety.

Seniors Sometimes Develop Poor Habits

Poor sleeping habits can truly impact how well your loved one sleeps and whether or not they are sleeping through the night. If your loved one needs more help creating a healthy routine when it comes to sleep, this is something that the right in-home care specialist can help with. Your loved one may need guidance about what to do before bed and what activities they should avoid before bed. They may also need help from in-home care to eat, drink, bathe, and dress for bed. Finding the right routine will help your loved one relax, and eventually, their body will physically become used to this new routine, which can promote sleep.

Sometimes, They Have Chronic Pain

Some seniors may suffer from chronic pain, which can be horrible to sleep through. If your loved one is in pain, they may need to seek a medical professional or their primary care provider who can help manage the pain they feel. A doctor must know a senior is not sleeping due to the pain they feel because this will help a doctor determine what kind of treatment is best for your loved one. Pain should always be managed, but that has to be done with the help of a loved one’s doctor.

Medication Can Keep Seniors Up

Often, seniors will be taking a few different kinds of medications, and this can, unfortunately, impact how well a senior sleeps or their sleeping patterns. This is something that can be hard to fix, especially if your loved one needs a specific kind of medication. However, all negative effects of any medication are because a doctor may be able to prescribe something else or lower the dosage to help the effects of the medication. It is so important that a senior always listens to the doctor’s orders and always reports any problems. Communication is a crucial part of aging in place well.

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Susan Myer, RN, BSN, CCRN, CDP