Overnight Alzheimer’s Care Keeps Seniors Safe At Home


Family members who take care of a senior parent with Alzheimer’s during the day may not be able to stay and be with that parent at night too. It’s often the case that family caregivers have children that need to be cared for or school or work and they can’t spend all their time with their senior parent. But it can be impractical or even dangerous to leave a senior with Alzheimer’s alone overnight. Hiring live-in home care providers could solve that issue.

Live-in home care is available overnight to help family caregivers who need someone to be with their senior parent overnight. Many seniors with Alzheimer’s experience “sundowning”, or a worsening of their symptoms at night when they are tired. Having a caregiver overnight that is trained to provide specialized Alzheimer’s care can be a big help because that caregiver will be able to recognize and manage the symptoms of Alzheimer’s that your senior parent displays.

Keeping seniors safe at night is the highest priority. Live-in home care providers can keep seniors safe at night by:

Making Sure They Don’t Wander

Live-In-Home Care Essex County NJ - Overnight Alzheimer’s Care Keeps Seniors Safe At Home

Live-In-Home Care Essex County NJ – Overnight Alzheimer’s Care Keeps Seniors Safe At Home

With an experienced caregiver staying at the house overnight your senior loved one won’t have the opportunity to slip out and wander. Wandering can be very dangerous for seniors with Alzheimer’s who become confused and don’t know where they are or how they got there or how to get home. Vigilant caregivers will make sure that your senior loved one is safe at home all night.

Making Sure They Don’t Fall

Falling is a common mishap that happens to seniors. Seniors with Alzheimer’s have an even higher risk of falling, especially if they can’t remember why they got up and end up trying to go down the stairs and falling when really they were just getting up to use the bathroom. With an alert care provider in the house overnight your senior loved one will have someone with them to help them get up, get to the bathroom, and get back to bed safely.

Making Sure Their Medical Equipment Is Working

If your senior loved one uses a CPAP for sleep apnea or uses supplemental oxygen or other medical equipment a caregiver that is with your senior loved one overnight will be able to monitor that equipment and make sure it’s working the way it should. This is important because your senior parent with Alzheimer’s may not recognize that the equipment isn’t working if it does stop working.

Making Sure They Get Help If They Need It with Live-In Home Care Aides

One of the biggest benefits of live-in home care is that if your senior loved one does get hurt or become ill overnight a caregiver can call for help and get them to the doctor right away. If your senior loved one is alone they may not realize they need help or they might now know how to call for help. You will be able to sleep peacefully knowing your senior loved one will be well taken care of throughout the night.

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Susan Myer, RN, BSN, CCRN, CDP