Learn More About the Benefits of Post-Hospital Care for Malnutrition


Your mom was in the hospital and learned she’s experiencing malnutrition. Her medical team wants to get her to make the right food choices to avoid rehospitalization and improve her health. They recommend post-hospital care services.

Post-Hospital Care Scotch Plains NJ-Learn More About the Benefits of Post-Hospital Care for Malnutrition

Post-Hospital Care Scotch Plains NJ-Learn More About the Benefits of Post-Hospital Care for Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a problem in adults, especially older adults where it can lead to disability, hospitalization, and medical problems. One in ten older adults does not eat enough, which is known as undernutrition. When a person eats too much, it’s another type of malnutrition. People may eat too much of certain items and get more nutrients than is necessary or even safe. Over-nutrition is tied to health issues arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Around 33% of older adults experience this type of malnutrition.

What should your family expect?

She May Have a Feeding Tube

If your mom was malnourished and underweight, her doctors may have her use a feeding tube to ensure she’s getting enough calories and nutrients. A home health care nurse can help with the feedings she needs at home. Nurses can also check and clean feeding tubes to ensure there are no clogs or other problems.

Nurses Can Administer IV Medications and Infusions at Your Mom’s Home

Depending on your mom’s situation, she might be on antibiotics to beat an infection caused by a weakened immune system. If her blood tests found her potassium, sodium, iron, or other minerals were low, she may be on IV fluids or getting iron infusions to correct them.

When your mom is on the right path, she may no longer need these infusions and medications. Her nurse can remove the IV line and work with her doctor to adjust medications and nutritional supplements without your mom needing to return to the hospital.

Post-Hospital Are Aides Can Teach Her How to Make Appropriate Meals

If your mom has diabetes, her doctors may recommend having a dietitian come to your mom’s house to teach her what she should and shouldn’t eat. She may need to learn how to portion her meals properly and how to make nutritionally-balanced meals.

Make sure you’re part of those sessions. If you’re going to be cooking for your mom, you and post-hospital care providers need to be available to learn the same things your mom is learning.

She Needs to Follow Her Doctor’s Orders

After she’s released from the hospital, your mom needs to do what her doctor recommends going forward. If she needs to take vitamin supplements, make sure she does. If she is supposed to exercise more, get her up and active.

It may help to have her work with a physical therapist if her post-hospital care plan is to gain strength and lose weight through exercise. A physical therapist helps her build muscle, balance, and stamina.

Always start with a conversation with your mom’s medical team. Find out what she needs to do and ask how post-hospital care can help her meet those goals.

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Susan Myer, RN, BSN, CCRN, CDP